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Intersexion by Grant Lahood on youtube

18 Jul

This is a must-see! So far the best documentary because it lets intersex people speak for themselves and as the true experts. And what you get is the understanding that intersex people are incredible people, a valuable contribution to our culture and society. It is nothing less than a crime what has being done to intersex people and what is unfortunately still going on to this day! Leave us be as we are, protect our human rights of bodily integrity and self determination.
boys and girls, make way, here we come!

Intersexions Part 1/5

Intersexions Part 2/5

Intersexions Part 3/5

Intersexions Part 4/5

Intersexions Part 5/5

Thanks to all protagonists!!!!!!!!!

From the youtube-Channel:
Documentary Intersexion. Is He Or Isn’t She? 10 Jul 2011
A Grant Lahood directed documentary which features the story of Mani Mitchell and looks at how intersex people navigate their way through life will screen on TV One in July.
Intersexion points out the little known statistic that one in 2,000 babies is born with genitalia that is so ambiguous no-one can tell if the child is male or female.
„I was shocked to discover just how common intersex conditions are in the world,“ Lahood says. „Yet it was something I, like a lot of people, assumed was incredibly rare.“
Intersexion follows the very stories of a variety of people who identify as neither male nor female, including Wellington’s Mani Mitchell, who was christened as a boy but grew up as a girl, after surgery to feminise her body.
Manil always felt different to her siblings, but it wasn’t until she was in her 40s that she finally discovered her medical records and the truth about her intersex birth.
Mani says „I hope this documentary will show everyone that the ’shame and secrecy‘ model hasn’t worked – and that intersex children can grow up to make informed choices about their own bodies“


Eine Frau, ein Bart

25 Mai

No-Norm-Culture auf

frau mit bart
Mehr als zwanzig Jahre hat Mariam jeden Tag die Härchen um ihren Mund gezupft. Dann beschließt sie: Es reicht. Seitdem darf der Bart wachsen – ihr, einer Frau.

Der 6. August 2008 ist der erste Tag von Mariams neuem Leben, der Beginn ihres Experiments. Dauer: offen. „Zu meinem Bart zu stehen – zu mir zu stehen … Einfach sein wie ich bin“, notiert sie an diesem Tag in ihrem Blog, „das ist die Zukunft.“

Die Vergangenheit, das sind 23 Jahre. In denen hat Mariam versucht, die Härchen in ihrem Gesicht loszuwerden, hat epiliert, gewachst, verödet. Schmerzhaft war jede der Methoden gewesen, längerfristig zufrieden stellend keine.

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