Deutscher Familienausschuss hat getagt / German Committee on Family Affairs… About Intersex

25 Jun

Ausschuss für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend – Öffentliche Anhörung am 25. Juni 2012 zum Thema „Intersexualität“

(German Committee on Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth)

quick notice:

Today the German Committee on Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth was having a hearing on the situation on intersex people. The aim is to tackle the issue on utilising or clarifying the german law to protect the human rights for intersex babies, minors and adults – even though one of the invited „experts“ was Dr. Wunder from the German Ethics Council who continues to seperate so called CAH-XX-girls from the rest of us Inter* and legitimizing genital mutilation as „sex clarifying surgery“ for XX-CAH who supposedly are clearly female. (see also the recommendations of the german Ethics Council on Intersex)
The second aim is to look into the question of installing a third sex marker such as „other“ or „open/not assigned“ as permanent alternatives to the standard m/f categories.
Third point is to look into how to support /and/or create a structure for consulting/councelling for inter*parents and people – and some sort of fincancial compensation for those who have been misstreated and harmed for life and have to continue to live with the consequences.
We all hope this is just the beginning of a political change here in Germany.
Still, only about half of the members of this Committee was present at this first time hearing.


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